Materials for underfloor insulation.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Any material used as an insulation layer to a solid, ground supported floor must be sufficiently strong and rigid to support the weight of the floor or the weight of the screed and floor loads without undue compression and deformation. To meet this requirement one of the rigid board or slab insulants is used. The thickness of the insulation is determined by the nature of the material from which it is made and the construction of the floor, to provide the required U value.

Some insulants absorb moisture more readily than others and some insulants may be affected by ground contaminants. Where the insulation layer is below the concrete floor slab, with the dpm above the insulation one of the insulants with low moisture absorption characteristics should be used.

The materials commonly used for floor insulation are rockwool slabs, extruded polystyrene, cellular glass and rigid polyurethane foam boards.

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