Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Before the oversite concrete is laid it is usual to blind the top surface of the hardcore. The purpose of this is to prevent the wet concrete running down between the lumps of broken brick or stone, as this would make it easier for water to seep up through the hardcore and would be wasteful of concrete. To blind, or seal, the top surface of the hardcore a thin layer of very dry coarse concrete can be spread over it, or a thin layer of coarse clinker or ash can be used, This blinding layer, or coat, will be about 50 mm thick, and on it the site concrete is spread and finished with a true level top surface. Figure 25 is an illustration of hardcore, blinding and concrete oversite. Even with a good hardcore bed below the site concrete a dense hard floor finish, such as tiles, may be slightly damp in winter and will be cold underfoot. To reduce the coldness experienced with some solid ground floor finishes it is good practice to form a continuous damp- proof membrane in the site concrete. 

Fig. 25 Hardcore and blinding.

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