Ventilation - comfort and good health in buildings.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The sensation of comfort is highly subjective and depends on the age, activity and to a large extent on the expectations of the subject. The young ‘feel’ cold less than the old and someone engaged in heavy manual work has less need of heating than another engaged in sedentary work. It is possible to provide conditions of thermal comfort that suit the general expectations of those living or working in a building. None the less, some may ‘feel’ cold and others ‘feel’ hot.

For comfort and good health in buildings it is necessary to provide means of ventilation through air changes through windows or yentilators, that. can be controlled, depending on wind speed and direction and outside air temperature, to avoid the sensation of ‘stuffiness’ or cold associated with too infrequent or too frequent air changes respectively. As with heating, the sensation of stuffiness is highly subjective.

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