Flexible dpcs Lead.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lead for use as a dpc should weigh not less than 19.5 kg/rn2 (Code No 4, 1.8 mm thick). Lead is an effective barrier to moisture and water. It is liable to corrosion in contact with freshly laid lime or cement mortar and should be protected by a coating of bitumen or bitumen paint applied to the mortar surface and both surfaces of the lead. Lead is durable and flexible and can suffer distortion due to moderate settlement in walls without damage. Lead is an expensive material and is little used today other than for ashlar stonework or as a shaped dpc in chimneys. Lead should be laid in rolls the full thickness of the wall or leaf of cavity walls and be lapped at joints along the length of the wall and at intersections at least 100mm or the width of the dpc.

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