Materials from which bricks are made.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In this country there are very extensive areas of clay soil suitable for brickmaking. Clay differs quite widely in composition from place to place and the clay dug from one part of a field may well be quite different from that dug from another part of the same field. Clay is ground in mills, mixed with water to make it plastic and moulded, either by hand or machine, to the shape and size of a brick.

Bricks that are shaped and pressed by hand in a sanded wood mould and then dried and fired have a sandy texture, are irregular in shape and colour and are used as facing bricks due to the variety of their shape, colour and texture.

Machine made bricks are either hydraulically pressed in steel moulds or extruded as a continuous band of clay. The continuous band of clay, the section of which is the length and width of a brick, is cut into bricks by a wire frame. Bricks made this way are called ‘wire cuts’.

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