Seasoning natural stone, Bedding stones, Cast stone: used in construction of buildings.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Seasoning natural stone.
Some natural stones are comparatively soft and moist when first quarried but gradually harden. Building stones should be seasoned (allowed to harden) for periods of up to a few years, depending on the size of the stones. Once stone has been seasoned it does not revert to its original soft moist state on exposure to rain, but on the contrary hardens with age. 

Bedding stones.
Natural stones that are stratified, limestone and sandstone, must be used in walling so that they lie on their natural bed to support compressive stress. The bed of a stone is its face parallel to the strata (layer) of the stones in the quarry and the stress that the stone suffers in use should be at right angles to the strata or bed which otherwise might act as a plane of weakness and give way under compressive stress. The stones in an arch are laid with the bed or strata radiating roughly from the centre of the arch so that the bed is at right angles to the compressive stress acting around the curve of the arch. 

Cast stone.
Cast stone is one of the terms used to describe concrete cast in moulds to resemble blocks of natural stone. When the material first came into use some 50 years ago it was called artificial stone. To avoid the use of the pejorative term artificial, the manufacturers now prefer the description reconstructed stone.

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