Rubble walling and random rubble - wall.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rubble walling.
Rubble walling has been extensively used for agricultural buildings in towns and villages in those parts of the country where a local source of stone was readily available. The term rubble describes blocks of stones as they come from the quarry. The rough rubble stones are used in walling with little cutting other than the removal of incon venient corners. The various types of rubble walling depend on the nature of the stone used. 

Those stones that are hard and laborious to cut or shape are used as random rubble and those sedimentary stones that come from the quarry roughly square are used as squared rubble.

The various forms of rubble walling may be classified as random rubble and squared rubble.

Random rubble.

Uncoursed random rubble.

Uncoursed random rubble stones of all shapes and sizes are selected more or less at random and laid in mortar, as illustrated in Fig. 1 16A. No attempt is made to select and lay stones in horizontal courses. There is some degree of selection to avoid excessively wide mortar joints and also to bond stones by laying some longer stones both along the face and into the thickness of the wall, so that there is a bond stone in each square metre of walling. At quoins, angles and around openings selected stones or shaped stones are laid to form roughly square angles. 

Random rubble brought to course.
Random rubble brought to course is similar to random rubble uncoursed except that the stones are selected and laid so that the walling is roughly levelled in horizontal courses at vertical intervals of from 600 to 900 mm, as illustrated in Fig. 11 6B. As with uncoursed rubble, transverse and longitudinal bond stones are used.

 Fig. 116 (A) Random rubble uncoursed (B) Random rubble coursed.

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Thiago daLuz said...

Yeah, I keep look and looking at the images and I can see that some of the stones are different, but other than that, looks like the same wall. I may be missing something. The article makes a lot of sense though, and I recall actually helping with raising a random rubble wall once. It was a lot of work, but it did look great when it was finished. Thiago |

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It's interesting to learn more about walls and types of construction. Thanks for the pictures and instructions. They really help a lot.

Sergio Freddson said...
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Sergio Freddson said...

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