Stone Masonry Walls.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Before the Industrial Revolution, many permanent buildings in hill and mountain districts and many large buildings in Iowland areas in this country were built of natural stone. At that time the supply of stone from local quarries was adequate for the buildings of the small population of this country. The increase in population that followed the Industrial Revolution was so great that the supply of sound stone was quite inadequate for the new buildings being put up. Coal was cheap, the railway spread throughout the country and cheap mass produced bricks largely replaced stone as the principal material for the walls of ah but larger buildings.

Because natural stone is expensive it is principally used today as a facing material bonded or fixed to a backing of brickwork or concrete. Many of the larger civic and commercial buildings are faced with natural stone because of its durability, texture, colour and sense of permanence. Natural stone is also used as the outer leaf of cavity walls for houses in areas where local quarries can supply stone at reasonable cost.

In recent years much of the time consuming and therefore expensive labour of cutting, shaping and finishing building stone has been appreciably reduced by the use of power operated tools, edged or surfaced with diamonds. This facility has improved output in the continuing and extensive work of repair and maintenance to stone buildings and encourages the use of natural stone as a facing material for new buildings.

Because natural stone is an expensive material, cast stone has been used as a cheaper substitute. Cast stone is made from either crushed natural stone or natural aggregate and cement and water which is cast in moulds. 

The cast stone blocks are made to resemble natural stone.

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These are some handy little tips, especially when it comes to construction site safety. Thanks for sharing.

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hello, im wondering how the lintels of stone wall houses work, how are the stones supported above the windows and doors??

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