Openings to stone walls - Lintels.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A stone lintel for small openings of up to about a metre wide can be formed of one whole stone with its ends built into jambs and its depth corresponding to one or more stone courses. The poor tensile strength of stone limits the span of single stone lintels unless they are to be disproportionately deep.

Over openings wider than about a metre it is usual to form lintels with three or five stones cut in the form of a flat arch. The stones are cut so that the joints between the ends of stones radiate from a common centre so that the centre, or key stone, is wedge-shaped, as illustrated in Fig. 108. The stones are cut so that the lower face of each stone occupies a third or a fifth of the width of the opening.

To prevent the key stone sinking due to settlement and so breaking the line of the soffit, it is usual to cut half depth joggles in the ends of the key stone to fit to rebates cut in the other stones. The joggles and rebates may be cut the full thickness of each stone and show on the face of the lintel or more usually the joggles and rebates are cut on the inner half of the thickness of stones as secret joggles, which do not show on the face, as illustrated in Fig. 108. The depth of the lintel corresponds to a course height, with the ends of the lintel built in at jambs as end bearing. Stone lintels are used over both ashlar and rubble walling.

The use of lintels is limited to comparatively small openings due to the tendency of the stones to sink out of horizontal alignment. For wider openings some form of arch is used.
Fig. 108 Stone lintel with secret joggle joints.

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