Central Core Plumbing Design

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A large percentage of the cost of plumbing (both materials and labor) is due to long pipe runs. These same long pipe runs also mean more line full of water all the time, waiting to be wasted down the drain whenever you turn on the hot water tap. Shortening the plumbing runs saves initials costs of plumbing the home and saves water costs for the life of the home.

 e most efficient plumbing design is to locate all of your wet areas (kitchen, baths and laundry) adjacent, or at least close, to each other and the water heater. If you are building more than a one- story home, the same is true for stacked plumbing locations, where upstairs bathrooms and laundry rooms are stacked directly above downstairs kitchen, laundry and powder room locations.  is will deliver the best hot water service with the least amount of waste. Even if your home cannot be designed with a compact plumbing scheme, try to centrally locate the water heater at or near most of the wet areas.

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